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Dmitri came highly recommended from other residents in the area.  They understand how raised
camps are to be constructed and took the necessary time to drive EACH piling as if it were my
only piling. I was also able to
hand-pick all of my pilings prior
to driving. Dmitri Pile Driving is
the only way to go for elevated camp construction.

 Joe Dilorenzo


Since Hurricane Katrina, more and more elevated foundations have been going up in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. Dmitri Pile Driving, Inc. takes great pride in our elevated foundation installation for taking the necessary time to not only ensure that (1) the job is done right (pilings in the proper position), but that it also has (2) the necessary esthetic appeal that the owner expects. In order to make sure that both of these are accomplished, Dmitri Pile Driving, Inc. can also provide the banding service for your elevated foundation.

Any pile driver can drive your elevated pilings. However, if the necessary care is not given to the driving of the pilings, it could potentially leave a mess (and more expense) for your framer to straighten the pilings (if possible) and band the foundation. Therefore, you should make sure that the pile driver also provides the banding service in order to “put the monkey on their back.”